Catsock adventure information


Signups will stay open for the whole year, so don’t feel rushed to sign up if you’re not sure about it yet. It’s not a time-limited thing.

If you choose the digital-only option you can upgrade to the extras later on, and pay just the difference in price, as long as the extras are still available.

If you choose the digital-only option you’ll be able to get the physical book at the end for a tiny fee and postage. More details on this nearer the time.

(Basically - don’t feel pressured or rushed into signing up, or buying the extras. You don’t need to decide right now.)

Signups are, right now, limited to (because this is complicated enough right now). If you prefer to keep your patterns on Ravelry that’s fine! I can add this to your Ravelry library once we're up and sock-ing.

And, you (probably) don’t need to sign up to the yarn package to get the yarn. I plan to also have it available as we go so you can just order for the socks you particularly adore. This does depend on 

How it works

When you sign up you’ll get a welcome PDF. (There’ll be some cat pictures in it.) As the patterns are released you’ll be emailed an update to that PDF with the fresh new pattern added. When we’re done, that PDF will be updated to an e-book with everything included.

The welcome PDF will include an invite to a mailing list for Catsock Adventure announcements. Emails to this will let you know about the upcoming patterns, and the yarns you might want to stock up on, and this will also be where I share other information - like how to submit your cat’s pretty mugshot for inclusion in the now-traditional Knitters’ Cats section at the back. (I am hoping to include LOADS of cats in it.) You don’t need to be on this mailing list but it will be useful, and I’ll do my best to keep it non-spammy and non-salesy. Maybe one email a month?

The PDF will also include an invite to the Catsock Adventures Discord server, where you can chat about cats and knitting and other stuff with your fellow catventure-teers. I am not sure how this will pan out. It might be tumbleweed in there. It might be the germination of a fantastic little community. It’s the part of this that’s most unknown to me, and I hope it develops into something fantastic.

The options

Digital-only: You’ll get eight catsock patterns emailed to you over 2024, and you’ll get them all collected up in an ebook at the end, plus access to the Discord server.

Goodies package:  As well as the digital-only bits, you’ll get a parcel before the big cast on with a nice little selection of exclusive catsocky goodies, including a project bag, pin and stitchmarkers. You’ll also get a parcel in early 2025 with a printed copy of the year of Catsock Adventure (and a few little extras in that, too).

Yarn package: As well as the digital-only bits, you’ll get a yarn parcel every two months, ready for the next catsock cast on. Each parcel will contain 125g of yarn - five 25g mini skeins - and maybe a little bit of accent yarn. The yarn is being spun by the lovely mill folk at John Arbon, and dyed up by me. It’s a high-twist lustre blend, and is plastic-free.

Goodies & yarn package: Everything in the digital-only option, plus the catty goodies and the yarn to your door every two months. This is the everything option.

The shipping

International shipping costs get a little bit eye-watering for the yarn packages. I’m sorry about this. International shipping costs have been whooshing up over the last few years.

Give the gift of catsock

There are gift options. If you’d like to order a Catsock Adventure as a gift for someone these will NOT automatically email you the PDF. Instead, I’ll email you with an Adventure Redemption Code which you can pass on to your lucky gift-ee. For everything but the digital option you'll need to add their address for shipping the yarn/ goodies. (If this is a problem please email me - - and we can find a solution).

What even is a catsock???

A sock with cats on it, of course!