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Caitin Sweater: an aran-weight sweater yarn


Of course, you don't need to knit a sweater with this yarn - knit anything you like! - but it's been dyed up with sweaters in mind.

  • An aran weight sweater is gloriously cosy without being bulky - and it knits up surprisingly quickly. Even the sleeves don't take an eternity each.
  • The variegation in this yarn is enough to add a bit of excitement to your knitttng, but won't drown your cables or muddy your colourwork.
  • There's been a bit of random dyepot action, which should help reduce the chances of colours pooling. (That randomness does mean that even skeins from the same dyebatch will be a little bit different, so alternating your skeins is a good idea.)

The colours

There are twelve colourways  - six light, six darker - as well as the undyed yarn. For subtle colourwork you can pair the matching light and dark yarns, or choose a contrasting colour or the white for more impact. You can also try striping light and dark, or making a little rainbow.

Grey: The silver and the glass (light) and Deeper than any goodbye (dark)

Purple/ maroon/ yellow: Where the raspberries grow wild (light) and Summoned up a thundrecloud (dark)

Orange/ red/ rust: LIttle wild bouquet (light) and The cider's laced with acid (dark)

Yellow/ green: Grow us grass and apples there (light) and A big bouquet of cactus (dark)

Blue/ green: Freshly cut tears (light) and The limits of the sea (dark)

Blue/ purple: Deep in the green lilac park (light) and All my ribbons for thee (dark)


The Sweater Quantity discount

Add four or more skeins of Caitin Sweater to your cart and a 20% discount will ~magically ~ appear.

The yarn details

  • 100% organic merino wool
  • 100g/ 166m per skein
  • Produced in South America
  • Dyed in the UK

 Care instructions

Hand wash in cool water. Dry flat.


Eagle-eared Leonard Cohen fans amongst you may notice that I've taken all of the colourway names from his lovely songs. I had a grand little LC listening-session while I was planning out these colourways, and it stuck!

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