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Stocking stitch collection


Chunky sterling silver jewellery embossed with a stocking stitch pattern - instantly recognisable to knitters, pleasingly abstract to everyone else.


  • the rectangular drop pendant is approx 12x40 mm
  • the circular one is 18mm diameter
  • the square pendant is about 25mm on each side
  • and the long pendant is about 25mm by 42mm.


Choose from a 16" or 18" 1.5mm sterling silver ball chain.


The slimmer cuff is 12mm wide (not that slim!) and the chunkier one is 24mm. Their diameter is 65mm.

Because the cuff is open they're quite flexible so this will suit most hands, but I can make yours smaller or larger - just ask!


The little studs are about 1cm in diameter, and the drop discs are approx 2cm from the top. 

All of the earrings come with sterling silver butterfly backs.


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