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Cat Knits: the book


Do you like cats? and knitting? and knitting cats? Meet Cat Knits!

It is a book. It is full of patterns designed by ME and featuring CATS. It is possibly the most exciting thing since the day I got to scritch a lion and two tigers.


This is a pre-order. The book will be released  (I think) on the 10th of March and shipped out to you right away. If that date changes I'll let you know. Anything you order at the same time will be shipped when the book's shipped.

If you'd like your copy of the book signed - where by signed I mean cat-doodled -  leave me a note in checkout, with the name(s) (human / feline/ canine - or any other beastie) that you'd like it signed to.

Shipping: Books are heavy! That means I need to charge the parcel-level of international shipping (£7.95) for orders heading out of the UK. Sorry!

About the book

Cat Knits has sixteen patterns, all featuring sinister cats. I've tried to make it as inclusive and accessible as I can, so the sweaters and cardigans come in lots of sizes, and the projects vary in size and complexity. There are big, complicated patterns if you're up for a bit of a challenge, quick knits for instant gratification, and gentle patterns perfect for learning new techniques.

Chapter one: Fat Cats.

These patterns are knit in chunky yarn, for some seriously squishable catties. There's a sweater, hat, cowl and lovely warm shawl. I use increases and decreases to make the subtle catties, and if you're nervous about any of the techniques the cowl is the purrfect starting point.

Chapter two: Dainty Cats.

This is the 4-ply lace chapter. There's a shawl and a cardigan as well as a cowl and little catty cuffs. The lace is lovely and simple and catty (I am particularly pleased with the lacy toebeans) and there's just a smidge of catty colourwork as well.

Chapter three: Big Cats.

Intarsia is a little bit like leaving your knitting out for a cat party; those tangled yarns are almost inevitable. But these big cats are absolutely worth the tangle! They're knit in an aran-weight yarn, and there's a hat, a set of flippymitts, a capelet and a cardigan all covered in cats!

Chapter four: Cool Cats.

This is the colourwork chapter, with stripes and stripes of ... cats! You can knit up a slouchy hat, a pair of mittens, a cowl - a great starting-colourwork pattern - and a cropped, boxy sweater.


It's published by David & Charles, and there are 128 lovely full-colour pages. Of cats! And knitting!

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