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Silver Stitchmarker Advent Calendar (and pendant!) : 2020


It's the super-swish sterling silver stitchmarker advent calendar! 

All of the stitchmarkers will be handmade in sterling silver - and sometimes gemstones - and they'll all be lovely enough to wear as jewellery when they're not adorning your knitting. On Christmas day there's one last package - a sterling silver stitchmarker pendant to hold your new markers.

This will have the same theme as the regular advent calendar - A Spacecat Came Travelling - so expect cool starlight sparkles and maybe a moonstone or two. (Although - if you have gemstone colour preferences let me know and I'll see what I can do.)

Choose the number of wrapped markers - four, eight, twelve, or get one for every day of advent.

This will come packaged up in a special Spacecat project bag, and there'll be a Spacecat enamel pin as well! 

Small print

UK shipping is included in the price. International shipping is £10 extra - and all international orders will be tracked.

If you'd like to pay over four installments (no extra cost) there's a separate listing here.

If you need to cancel your calendar at a later date (I know it's a scary time!) you just need to email me.

I'm planning on sending these out extra-early - starting in late September or early October for international orders - in case the postal systems are still overloaded.

This is a pre-order! Calendars won't ship until October.

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