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Catty Catty Catoff extras

Catty Catty Catoff extras


Hello! This is the place for ordering extras for your Great Catty Cat-off card game, if you've backed the kickstarter.

The booster cards let you add your cats (or dogs, goldfish, guineapigs, tigers...) to your copy of the game. These come with a playing-card sized card to play with and a giant A4 version of the card, plus I'll email you the digital file of your moggy or doggo or fishieface's card. If you have multiple extra cats you can order multiple extra cards.

You can also order extra copies of the game and extra enamel pins with a little bit of a discount.

It would be really helpful if you can either use the same email address as you used in the kickstarter, for this order.

And use the discount code 'cattycatoff' at checkout - that will stop the website charging you a shipping fee, when you've already paid that in the kickstarter.


I am VERY EXCITED about sketching all of these cats!