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An Caitin Dubh 4-ply yarn


Yarn in a variety of grey!

We Can Navigate By Starlight - NEW! - a deep navy black with white speckles which appear randomly as you knit. Knit your own night sky!

Cloud Explorer A warm, soft pale grey

Waterlight A cool grey with hints of blue and green, like the river on a bright, overcast day.

Local Heron I have a heron for a neighbour! A neutral, light, slightly variegated grey.

Multi Storey Car Park Decaying concrete brutalism, variegated browns and greys.

Oxidised Dirty silver: a soft neutral grey with patches of darkness.

Watching for Sunrise Cool blue-grey, the sky before sunrise.

Hello, Mousie! A soft mid-toned warm mouse-grey.

Insomnia A gentle variegation from dark to cool grey.

Lake Swim Dark and cool, blue and grey.

Chasing Shadows A dark, rich neutral grey.

Secret Tabby Black cat in sunlight: a rich, deep brown with hints of orange and purple.

Little Black Cat A deep, dark black.



This yarn is a blend of 25% Gotland and 75% Blue-faced Leicester, and is 100g/ 350m per skein

Hand dyed in small batches.

Hand wash gently in cool water. Lay flat to dry. 

An Caitin Dubh means 'The Little Black Cat' in Irish,

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