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An Caitin Dubh Yarn Advent Calendar : 2020


Well, this is exciting! A Yarn advent calendar!

All of the calendars will come with each day's skein wrapped in tissue paper and labelled prettily, and there are 25 mini-skeins in each calendar. The packaging will recycled and recyclable, and as minimal as I can make it while still keeping the yarn a secret and the unwrapping fun.

There will be little crafty extras scattered throughout the calendar, and an special Christmas Day surprise.


4-ply wool - this is a springy, bouncy, sturdy wool with a bit of crunch and character. There's 80m in each 20g skein.

DK wool - like the 4ply, but bigger! 40m in each 20g skein.

Super-swish mix - a mix of all the most exciting and luxurious yarn bases, with blends including kid mohair, baby camel, yak, silk, alpaca & cashmere.  Most of these are 4-ply weight (80m per 20g skein), but there'll be a bit of lace-weight mohair-silk in there too. This is a wool-free mix, in case you need to avoid the sheepy stuff.

Nothing but fluff - Utter fluff! 20g/ 160m skeins of kid-mohair & silk laceweight yarn.

All of the bases are completely plastic-free - no nylon and no superwash treatment.


Darkness - moody deep tones, with subtle colours and variegation.

Lightness - soft, light tones with a touch of speckle.

Dark & light - Alternating lightness and darkness. This is great if you have an advent project with colourwork or stripes, because each day will contrast with the days around it.

The yarn shown isn't the yarn that will be in the calendar - that would ruin the surprise! - but I did dye it up as a test to check that the my ideas would work in dyed-yarn form.


You can add in the pin & project bag combo or combine this with the stitchmarker advent calendar. This year's theme is A Spacecat Came Travelling - so expect galaxies, stars and moons. More detail on the Yarn Advent Calendar is here.

Small print

UK shipping is included in the price. International shipping is £10 extra - and all international orders will be tracked.

If you'd like to pay over four installments (no extra cost) there's a separate listing here.

If you need to cancel your calendar at a later date (I know it's a scary time!) you just need to email me.

I'm planning on sending these out extra-early - starting in late September or early October for international orders - in case the postal systems are still overloaded.


This is a pre-order! Calendars won't ship until October.

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